Banner Accounts


Banner Overview

Banner is an administrative software application developed specifically for higher education institutions. The Banner system is highly integrated because they share a common database. This common database is shared by both employees and students who use Banner via SSB and/or INB.

Banner Accounts Username Role-Based Access
Self Service Banner (SSB) Use your 97# Faculty, Staff, & Students
Internet Native Banner (INB) Email Account Username*
(i.e. jdsmith)
Faculty & Staff

* There are exceptions. Banner makes it easy to maintain records on someone who applies to the University, becomes a student, graduates, and then becomes an alumnus.

Self Service Banner (SSB)

Faculty, Staff, and Students need a SSB PIN in order to log into Self Service Banner to access their information from any computer, on or off campus that has Internet access.

Access Overview

In Self Service Banner, faculty, staff, and work-study students are able to access:

  • Temporary Bi-Weekly Timesheet
  • Benefits and Deductions (i.e. Change your beneficiary information)
  • Pay Information (i.e. View your direct deposit breakdown, view your earnings and deductions history, view your pay stubs)
  • Tax Forms (i.e. View your W-2 form or T4 form)
  • Employee Job History
  • Leave Balance History
  • Leave Report/Bi-Weekly Timesheet

In Self Service Banner, students are able to access:

  • Registration (i.e. Check your registration status, class schedule, and add/drop classes)
  • Student Records (i.e. View your holds, grades, and transcripts)
  • Financial Aid (i.e. Apply for Financial Aid, review status and loans)
  • Student Account (i.e. View your account summaries, statement/payment history, and tax information)

SSB User Account Information

  • Username: Banner ID beginning with 97
  • PIN (i.e. Password): birth date (mmddyy) Note: first time users only

Change PIN

  1. Log into Self Service Banner.
  2. On the Personal Information tab, select the Change your PIN link.
  3. You must enter your old PIN and your new PIN. Re-enter your new PIN for verification.
  4. Click the Change PIN button.

Change Security Question

  1. Log into Self Service Banner.
  2. On the Personal Information tab, select the Change Security Question link.
  3. Enter your PIN.
  4. Select your question and type your answer.
  5. Click the Submit button.

Request a Change/Reset PIN

For Faculty and Staff, the SSB PIN is reset by Human Resources.

  • Call 335-3252 and you will need to provide your Banner ID.

For Students, the SSB PIN is reset by Registrar's Office.

  • Call (252) 335-3300 and you will need to provide your Banner ID.

Report Issues with SSB Account

SSB for Faculty and Students... contact the Registrar's office. All other questions, contact Human Resources.

Internet Native Banner (INB)

An Internet Native Banner (INB) account is only for individuals that have specific job responsibilities requiring access to INB (i.e. check departmental budget, advise students, etc.). Access to the INB system will be established only for those users who complete the required training. These classes are primarily geared to Administrators, Support Staff, Deans, Department Chairs, and Program Coordinators. Training is not required for most faculty members who use SSB for Faculty.

Request an INB Account or Access

Account access will be given based on departmental needs.

  1. Submit an IT Help Desk ticket
  2. Complete the form, select user account request and provide details of what you will be using the account for (i.e. check budgets, release hold on student accounts, etc.)

Request a Password Modification (reset or unlock account)

Passwords expire every 90 days. The Banner System will give you a message of warning five days prior to your password expiration date. If you do not change your password within the five days prior to expiration, your account will be locked and you will be unable to access INB until it is reset.

  1. Submit an IT Help Desk ticket
  2. Complete the form, select Password Reset and provide your username

Request a Report or Change

  1. Go to Information Technology Forms & Documents.
  2. Select, fill out, and print the appropriate form:
  • Report/Change Request (i.e. INB)