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What Are Passphrases?

Passwords are something you use almost every day, from accessing your email or banking online to purchasing goods or accessing your smartphone.  However, passwords are also one of your weakest points; if someone learns or guesses your password they can access your accounts as you, allowing them to transfer your money, read your emails, or steal your identity.  That is why strong passwords are essential to protecting yourself.  However, passwords have typically been confusing, hard to remember, and difficult to type.  In this newsletter, you will learn how to create strong passwords, called passphrases, that are easy for you to remember and simple to type.  

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Securely Using Mobile Apps

Mobile devices, such as tablets, smartphones, and watches, have become one of the primary technologies we use in both our personal and professional lives.  What makes mobile devices so versatile are the millions of apps we can choose from.  These apps enable us to be more productive, instantly communicate and share with others, train and educate, or just have more fun.  However, with the power of all these mobile apps comes risk.  Here are some steps you can take to securely use and make the most of your mobile apps.

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