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"OUCH! Security Awareness Newslettter is the world's leading, free security awareness newsletter designed for the common computer user. Each issue focuses on and explains a specific topic and actionable steps people can take to protect themselves, their family and their organization." 



Passwords are something you use almost every day, from accessing your email or banking online to purchasing goods or accessing your smartphone. However, passwords are also one of your weakest points; if someone learns or guesses your password they can access your accounts as you, allowing them to transfer your money, read your emails, or steal your identity. That is why strong passwords are essential to protecting yourself. However, passwords have typically been confusing, hard to remember, and dif􀁿cult to type. In this newsletter, you will learn how to create strong passwords, called passphrases, that are easy for you to remember and simple to type.

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Top Tips to Securely Using Social Media 

Social media sites, such as Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, are amazing resources, allowing you to meet, interact, and share with people around the world.  However, with all this power comes risks--not just for you, but your family, friends, and employer.  In this newsletter, we cover the key steps to making the most of social media securely and safely.   

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Securing Your Mobile Devices

Your mobile devices are an amazing and easy way to communicate with friends, shop or bank online, watch movies, play games, and perform a myriad of other activities.  Since your devices are such an important part of your life, here are some simple steps to keep you and your devices safe and secure.  

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Curated OUCH! Security Topics Of Interest

Creating a Cybersecure Home

This issue of OUCH! will walk you through critical steps
to ensuring that your home is cybersecure.  

Lock Down Your Login

In this newsletter, you'll learn how to protect yourself
and lock down your login with something far better than
just passwords.  It's called two-factor authentication.  

Shopping Online Securely

Learn how to shop securely online with Malware Analysis
Expert and author, Lenny Zeltser