iOS Devices

iOS Device (iPhone, iTouch, iPad) Email Setup for ECSU
Instructions Based on iOS 6.0.1

Requirements: iOS compatible device, ECSU faculty or staff "" email account, Internet access

Step 1: Open the "Setting App"


Step 2: Touch [Mail, contacts, Calendars] and then [Add Account…]

Step 2

Step 3: Touch [Microsoft Exchange]


Step 4: Type in your full ECSU email address, ECSU password, and "ECSU" as the description then touch "Next".

Step 4

Step 5: Touch "Continue" to verify the ECSU server.

Step 5

Step 6: Add the server "", the domain "vikingland", your ECSU username and ECSU password then touch [Next]. (NOTE: the username and password as the ones used to log into a computer on the ECSU network)


Step 7: Turn on what services you would like to receive on your device, then touch [Save].

Step 8

Step 8: Press the [Home] button and open either "Mail", "Contacts", or "Calendars" based on your previous selection, to ensure items are syncing.

Troubleshooting Tip:
If you receive a message regarding your password not being accepted, attempt to log into the ECSU web-based email client (

If you cannot log into the web-based email, then you will not be able to use the email through your iOS device.