Web Standards


The ECSU website should be an informational resource and an interactive, evolving communication medium for prospective and current students, faculty, staff, alumni, donors, parents and families, friends of ECSU, and the surrounding community. The standards offered are reviewed regularly.

The ECSU World Wide Web server is www.ecsu.edu. Content areas are available to official ECSU departments, academic offices, and organizations. Official pages on the ECSU website must be accurate and current. Out of date information must be removed and new information added on a regular basis. This is the responsibility of the faculty or staff person who submitted the information.

The following is not permissible on any page of the ECSU website:

  • Copyrightable or licensed materials for which the necessary permissions for use have not been obtained or an exception permitting use applies
  • Material for commercial gain unrelated to the university
  • Material contributing to illegal activities (unless used in an appropriate academic context)
  • Material or speech that is unlawful (unless used in an appropriate academic context)
  • Material that is intended to damage, to interfere with, or place an excessive load on a computer system or network
  • Material that is personal in nature to any individual

Placement of advertising or links to commercial websites is generally prohibited. However, ECSU has the authority to approve advertising or links to commercial websites if:

  • General interest sites are available free of charge;
  • Subscription services paid by the university;
  • Information that relates to or supports teaching, research, or service mission of ECSU;
  • Listings of sponsors and logos for a performance or special event

Links to non-university sites will open in a new browser window, whenever possible.

All pages that reside on the www.ecsu.edu server will have the same standard design that has been approved by  Communications & Marketing. Any sites designed by outside persons/vendors will be incorporated into the approved design before being uploaded to the www.ecsu.edu website. Exceptions must be approved by the Chief Information Officer, the Director of Communications & Marketing, and the supervisor of the person making the request.

Content is the heart and soul of every website. Without it, most sites wouldn't exist. Create content that is engaging, interesting, up-to-date, accurate, on-brand and most importantly, relevant and valuable to your audiences. It is the responsibility of the unit head to submit approved content for their content area. It is understood that in most cases a unit head appoints a designee to create and maintain pages. The unit head/designee is responsible for ensuring that the individual developing the content maintains it and keeps the information timely and accurate. Each unit is responsible for the content in their content area. Information Technology does not read, proof, or approve content. That is solely the responsibility of the person who submits the information and the unit head/designee who approved it. Persons who note errors in the content on pages of the ECSU website should contact the unit head/designee for that area. If they fail to take appropriate action, Submit a Helpdesk Ticket

Process to Submit an IT Ticket for a Website Request

Website requests should only be submitted by ECSU faculty or staff. Requests from students and vendors must be approved by ECSU faculty or staff before they are submitted to IT Service Desk. The process for submitting a website request:

    • Simply go to: http://helpdesk.ecsu.edu/ 

      1.   Enter your domain name and password.

      2.   Select ECSU for the organization.

      3.   Click login

      4.   Click IT Service Desk

      5.   Click New

      6.   Complete the request

      • In the comments section (list all that apply):
      • Webpage Title: <<Title>>
        Location (URL):
        From: <<include the current content/URL on the page>>.
        To: <<include the FULL TEXT for the page as it should be read in its entirety from the page>>
    • 7.   Click Save

      Updates will be completed within one to two weeks of receipt, depending on the complexity of the project and on the volume of work in front of your project. Please keep in mind that if your content does not follow the standards listed above, it will be returned to you.