The Wireless Network

Phase 2 of DIT's Network Refresh Project is all about the WiFi.  ECSU will receive 2x the Access Points throughout campus and nearly 3x the Speed of the prior wireless network!  
Soon, devices will no longer have ECSU-WIFI as an option to connect to.  Instead, please connect to the new Viking wireless network.  

Update, March 2:  Building completion dates have been updated again to reflect an even earlier project completion date.  The completion dates below have been updated accordingly.  

Project Status


Indoor Wireless Surveys
Outdoor Wireless Surveys


In Progress

Indoor AP Installations


Next Steps

Outdoor AP Installations

Indoor AP Installations

University Suites - more info

Viking Tower - more info

University Tower - more info

Viking Village - more info

M. D. Thorpe - more info

Ridley University Center

Ridley Student Center - more info

E. A. Johnson Hall - more info

G. R. Little Library - more info

Jenkins Science Center - more info

Caldwell Field House - more info

Bedell Hall (Cafeteria) - more info

Expected Completion Dates

Williams Hall - April 10

Vaughan Center - April 13

Central Utility Plant - April 14

Burnim Fine Arts Center - April 19

Bowling Alley - April 20

Jenkins Police Building - April 21

Information Technology Center - April 26

K. E. White Graduate Center - April 28

Lester Hall - May 3

Dixon Hall - May 5

Pharmacy Center - May 10

Griffin Center - May 12

Gilchrist School of Education - May 18

McLendon Hall - May 19

H. L. Trigg - May 22

Wilkens Academic Center - May 24

Telecommunications Center - May 25

Lane Hall - May 26

Chancellor's Residence - May 30