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Information Technology

There are several types of accounts available at ECSU based on your specific role (i.e. faculty, staff, or student). This section provides an overview of the common accounts used by campus users. Individual departments may also use specialized applications that require a different login from any other system. For those systems, refer to the appropriate department for help.


  • Always log off your accounts when finished
  • Never share your account passwords
  • The Helpdesk, via email, will never ask you for your account user name or password

You can obtain more information on these accounts by clicking one of the links to the right. 

Account Type ECSU Access Role Department Responsible
Faculty/Staff Student
Banner (SSB & INB)
    Self Service Banner (SSB) X X IT Administrative Computing
    Internet Native Banner (INB) X   IT Administrative Computing
Blackboard X X Distance Education
    Email-Microsoft Exchange X   IT Client Services/IT Network Services
    Email-Gmail   X IT Client Services/IT Network Services
    Domain X X IT Client Services/IT Network Services
Viking Shoppes X   Procurement & Materials Management
VikingNet X   IT Network Services
Virtual Private Network (VPN) X   IT Network Services

Banner (SSB & INB) Accounts

Self Service Banner (SSB) Login
Internet Native Banner (INB) Login

Banner is an administrative software application developed specifically for higher education institutions. The Banner system shares a common database and has two user interfaces consisting of Self-Service Banner (SSB) and Internet Native Banner (INB).  This common database is shared by both employees and students.

Self Service Banner

Self Service Banner (SSB) provides web-based access to the Banner system for Employees, Student, and Alumni. Most users will access Banner through SSB (i.e. employees will check leave balances, submit leave or time sheet; faculty and advisors will enter grades and advise students; and students will register for classes, check grades, update personal information, and check their financial aid status).

Internet Native Banner

An Internet Native Banner (INB) account is only for individuals that have specific job responsibilities requiring access to INB (i.e. check departmental budget, advise students, etc.). Access to the INB system will be established only for those users who complete the required training. These classes are primarily geared to Administrators, Support Staff, Deans, Department Chairs, and Program Coordinators. Training is not required for most faculty who use SSB for Faculty.

Blackboard Account

Blackboard Login

Blackboard is a learning management system used to deliver online and web-enhanced courses. Blackboard is accessed via the Internet and provides an easy to use interface that enables students to retrieve course materials online anytime, anywhere. Each student has access to a Blackboard account which is created upon completion of official registration. Accounts can be accessed on or off campus through the ECSU website. 

For more information, visit Distance Education's website for Faculty & Staff or Students.

Email/Domain Account

Faculty/Staff Email Login
Student Login

All employees and students at ECSU have access to a free email/domain account on the network, subject to the Acceptable Use Policy. Services associated with these accounts include electronic mail, access to the Internet, technology resources, and remote access to the library databases.

Viking Shoppes Account

Viking Shoppes Login

Viking Shoppes is the online e-procurement system used by ECSU to process requisitions and submit the orders electronically to the vendors, along with eReceiving and eInvoicing. User accounts are given based on job responsibilities.

For more information, visit Procurement and Material Management's website.

VikingNet Account

VikingNet Login

At ECSU, VikingNet is an intranet “internal website” protected from unauthorized external access by means of a network gateway and firewall. There are various online forms and computing resources placed within VikingNet to prevent access to non-employees. In order to access VikingNet, an employee must use a computer that is logged into the Network Domain on campus.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) Account

The Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows an employee to be granted permission to remotely access the IT systems off campus. The use of this access may be monitored by ECSU for compliance with the policy. An employee granted access will be renewed semi-annually and failure to comply with the policy may result in termination of remote access privileges and/or disciplinary action. Remote access to the ECSU network is a privilege.