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Establish a New Computer Lab

Information Technology

Requester Information
Full Name:
Email Address:
Phone (local):
I. Purpose
Purpose of this lab:
Can your needs be met by another lab on campus?
If no, what are your unique need(s)?
If yes, which lab(s)?
List users that will have access to this facility:
II. Facility
Proposed site of this lab (building & room #):
How is this space presently used?
If this lab will displace another program/function of the university, what arrangements have been made to relocate the current program/function?
What renovations are needed to convert this space to a lab (i.e. electrical & network wiring, lock changes, lighting, cooling, structural, etc.)?
III. Staffing
Person responsible for providing technical support (i.e., initial setup, maintenance, etc.):
Designated person responsible for coordinating the use & servicing of this lab:
IV. Budget
Estimated cost of renovations:
Estimated cost of furnishings (i.e. desk, chairs, printer stands, etc.) for this lab:
Estimated cost of hardware and software for this lab:
Projected cost (12 months) of supplies for this facility:
Funding Source:
Have the necessary funds been allocated or are you awaiting approval?
If funds have been secured, what is the exact dollar amount that has been allocated for items addressed in this request? What is the duration of this funding?
Is there a recurring funding source? If not, how do you plan to upgrade the hardware and software after the initial purchase?