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ECSU Network Access for Game or Mobile Device Request

Information Technology

Use this form to request your Game console (i.e. XBox 360, PS3, Wii, etc...) or Mobile Device (i.e. Laptop, iPhone, iTouch, T-Mobile Dash, etc...) to be connected to the ECSU campus network. The University's Acceptable Use Policy, local, state, and federal laws shall govern users of network services. Incomplete forms will not be processed.

Full Name:
ECSU Email Address:
Phone (local):
Local Address (Campus Dorm & Room #):
Connectivity Type: Hard Wire Jack #:
Device Type: Cell Phone
Game System (i.e. XBOX, PlayStation)
Tablet (i.e. iPad, Kindle, Nexus, Surface RT)

Brand/Device Name:
The name of the type of device you are requesting network access (i.e. Dell, iTouch, iPhone, T-Moble Dash, XBOX 360, PS3, etc.).

MAC Address:
The MAC address is a unique address which your device's network interface has been assigned by the manufacturer of the unit. It consists of 12 numbers and letters separated by dashes, spaces or colons. [Example: 00:27:BC:77:C9:A1] If you do not know how to locate the MAC address please check your device's manual or website.
Serial Number/Service Tag (Laptop/Desktop only):
Operating System (Laptop/Desktop only): Apple OSX