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Service Response Times

Information Technology

What to expect when requesting assistance

The Helpdesk uses a software-tracking system to record the problems through emails sent to the email address helpdesk@ecsu.edu, and forwards it to the appropriate ITS support group, and monitors the status of resolution.

Our goals for responding to requests for our services:

Priority Definition Response Time*
Emergency Life-threatening situations and Blue Light Phone outages. Immediate
Out of Service User is unable to work due to computer malfunction and has no alternative resources. 6 business hours
Standard User is experiencing problems but can temporarily work around the problem or use alternate resources. 1 business day
Install or Change User needs something installed or changed (or moved). 1 week based on IT workload (usually prioritized by date and time entered)
Project or Research User needs information or help with a more in-depth, complex, or long-term project. Based on IT workload (usually prioritized by date and time entered)
*Response Time is the time frame in which we will try to respond to your request, not necessarily the time frame in which the problem will be fully resolved.*

To manage all of the requests that we receive, it is critical that we classify them based on their relative urgency. In the case of the first 3 classifications listed above, it is important that you help us understand the true severity of your problem when you call. Is it really a critical situation or do you have some means of working around the problem until we can respond? It is in everyone's best interest to prioritize requests appropriately so that when a situation really is urgent, we're in the best position possible to respond quickly.