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The University of North Carolina Tomorrow Initiative

The purpose of the University of North Carolina Tomorrow Initiative is to determine how the University of North Carolina can respond more directly and proactively to the 21st century challenges facing North Carolina both now and in the future through the efficient and effective fulfillment of its three-pronged mission of teaching, research and scholarship, and public service.

The outcomes of this initiative will guide and shape current and future priorities, resource allocations, existing and future programs, and strategic plans and missions of the University of North Carolina, its 17 constituent institutions and its affiliated entities to ensure that it not only becomes more proactive and responsive to the needs of our state, but remains so in the years to come as the people of North Carolina continue to confront myriad challenges of the rapidly changing, knowledge-based global economy and environment of the 21st century.UNC Tomorrow

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Elizabeth City State University is committed to aligning its programs and implementing the actions necessary to accomplish the initiatives as set forth in the UNC Tomorrow Final Report. This commitment is evidenced in the ECSU Campus Response to UNC Tomorrow, and more directly in the current university Strategic Plan. All Campus responses to the seven major findings of the UNC Tomorrow Report have been incorporated into the 2009-2014 Strategic Plan. As the Plan is implemented and needs and challenges change, ECSU will adjust its actions and programs to respond to the new directions.