Emerging Leaders

Emerging Leaders


The mission of the Emerging Leaders Program is to engage alumni in a mentorship role, creating a more vested interest in the university.  The mission is to also cultivate our alumni, who are then able to recruit other alums to serve.

It is the vision of the Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) to create a community without walls or campus boundaries, which will help students connect with alumni. Participants will realize the full value of their ECSU education and work experience by sharing what they have learned with students who are preparing to enter the workforce.

Purpose: A Resource for Students

The ELP will establish itself as a valuable resource for students and supports various initiatives and programming on behalf of the Office of Alumni Relations (OAR) and Career Services (CS). With the support of the OAR and CS, the ELP promotes, plans, and/or executes various functions such as presentations, panels, lectures, receptions, speaker events, and retreats.

The ELP is also paving the way in making more tools and resources available for recent graduates in the areas of career services, financial planning, work/life balance, continued education, and networking to ensure their success following graduation from ECSU. These resources may be in the form of tutorial events and/or online services.

Keeping Young Alumni Informed About ECSU

The ELP understands the importance of educating students and recent graduates on the goals, purpose,

programs, and services of the OAR and teaching the importance of a philanthropic spirit amongst ECSU alumni. It keeps young alumni informed on National Alumni Association services and ways to get involved with Elizabeth City State University.

Advising ECSU Clubs and Affinity Groups

In addition to establishing a forum with Elizabeth City State University students, the ELP also keeps in close contact with career services, the appointed campus school/department and student clubs. Through these liaisons, information on ECSU events and programs can be better advertised amongst the alumni base across the country.

Collaborating with Career Services and campus schools/departments, the ELP will exist through seminars, panel discussions, presentations, and lectures to students.


 Aviation Business (including entrepreneurs) 
 Education Entertainment 
Government Health Professions (medical and administration)
Law and Law Enforcement Literary/Journalism
Military Performing and Visual Arts
Sports Sciences


For more information on getting involved with the Emerging Leaders Program, contact Cliff Vanterpool: clvanterpool@ecsu.edu; (252) 335-3052.