Gold Society

Gold Society


The GOLD Society was established in order to strengthen the connection for younger-aged alumni who are up to 10 years out of the university and 32 years old or younger.

Elizabeth City State University's Office of Institutional Advancement recognized the importance of maintaining a strong relationship between its alumni and alma mater.

The GOLD Society will consist of a diverse group of majors, interests and ethnicities represented to promote a sense of community among Young Alumni of Elizabeth City State University. Social, cultural, educational, and career-oriented events will be the primary focus to allow Young Alumni to communicate, network and socialize with fellow classmates.

Within the GOLD Society there is a development council, which is the leadership for the society, and a networking council. The networking council will help bridge the gap between the young alums and the University. This network exists to help ensure quality and excellence at Elizabeth City State University by creating a consistent sense of responsibility and lifelong commitment to giving back to Elizabeth City State University.

Young Alumni Development Council

  • Promote giving among young alumni, and through this council, ECSU is able to cultivate its next generation of university leaders
  • To advocate the needs of young alumni and foster young alumni programming

Young Alumni Peer Network

  • Facilitate the transition from student to alumnus
  • Upon graduation, must maintain a connection to ECSU classmates
  • Foster a sense of VIKING PRIDE and responsibility to "give back" to their alma mater
  • As a member of the young alumni peer network, your job is to stay connected to ECSU and encourage your fellow classmates to do the same

20/20 Club

20/20 Club is for graduates from 1990 – 1998 because by the year 2020 this group of young individuals would be the next big generation of major donors and supporters of the ECSU Annual Fund. This club was created for the sole purpose of increasing the younger generation's knowledge of planned giving and what it means to be philanthropic.

Overview of 20/20 Club:

  • Alumni and ECSU Supporters
  • Young professionals
  • Individuals up to 20 years post graduation (approximately 33-40 years old)
  • Must be socially active
  • Assist with prospect development
  • Assist with community outreach
  • Participation in 20/20 sponsored social events