Board of Visitors

Building the elevating goodwill among constituents

Created by the Board of Trustees of Elizabeth City State University, The ECSU Board of Visitors serves as an advisory group committed to the advancement of the University. The purpose of the Board is to assist the Chancellor and the Board of Trustees to articulate the mission of ECSU, its programs and objectives to the members of the University community (locally, regional, state-wide and beyond). In addition, the members of the Board of Visitors will share a reflection of the opinions, desires, needs and expectations of the community to the Chancellor and the Board of Trustees.

Board of Visitors Members

Mr. Clarence E. Biggs - Associate
Mr. Cleveland Blount
Mr. Hezekiah Brown - Chair
Mr. Ameche Burns
Mrs. Mamie Burse - Secretary
Dr. Helen Caldwell
Mr. Don Chance II
Ms. Julia Congleton Bryant
Dr. Jeanette H. Evens
Mr. Norris Francis
Mr. William Fuller
Mrs. Barbara Hoggard
Mr. Gerald Honeyblue
Mr. Caroll Hurdle
Mr. Brady Johnson - Vice Chair
Ms. Betty S. Meggs
Mr. Glenwood Mitchell
Ms. Shirley Miller Mills
Mr. Ralph Ranson
Mr. Ed Sanford
Dr. Frederick Smith
Mr. Frank Skidmore
Mr. Maurice Slaughter
Mr. Otis Strong
Mr. Ish Sud
Mr. Ernest Sutton
Mr. Ron Turlington
Dr. Shirley Turnage
Mr. Marvin Trotman
Mr. Julius Walker
Mr. Lindell Wallace
Mr. Fletcher Watts
Mr. Elwood Williams
Ms. Shelia H. Williams
P. Diane Worthy