NAA Student Support Initiative


smnaassiThe ECSU Student Support Initiative ensures the long-term growth of the University and its students for generations to come.  The initiative seeks to raise $10 million over the next five years for student scholarships that will help to grow the University’s enrollment. We need all ECSU Alumni to commit to being ALL IN for five years.

Donors (alumni and non-alumni) may choose to donate to the Student Suport Initiaitve's ALL-IN Fund. Donations made to this fund will be restricted to support the following:

  • 80% will go toward University Scholarships
  • 15% will go toward the ECSU NAA Endowed Scholarship
  • 5% will go toward operations.

Alternately, you may designate your ECSU Student Support Initiative donation to the part(s) of ECSU that you love. 100% percent of your donation will be restricted to the designation of your choice.