UnIvErsity Development

Building the Legacy... Every Gift Elevates

University Development's fundraising efforts are your opportunity to invest in ECSU. The staff works to attract resources to the university and enable the institution to advance its mission, educate its students, and to realize its fullest potential in service to the communities of northeastern North Carolina. From financial contributions to the volunteer activities of alumni to gifts of in-kind goods and services, University Development secures a variety of donations in support of ECSU. All are valuable and necessary assets to the university if it is to continue to successfully develop and nurture the minds of Viking scholars as well as economy and quality-of-life in the region.

University Development staff is available to consult with ECSU donors. Staff works with donors to determine the most consequential and effective use of charitable contributions in order to elevate the university's mission. Likewise, donor's investments play an important role in ensuring that ECSU continues to strengthen its position among institutions of higher learning.

Why Give to ECSU?

Reasons for giving to Elizabeth City State University are different for each donor. Some give to strengthen the University's academic and physical resources. Others give in appreciation for ECSU's contribution to their lives. Whatever the reason may be, we hope that you will join us and consider making a contribution today.

The fiscal year for ECSU and for the ECSU Foundation is July 1 - June 30. Contributions made during this period will be counted for that particular fiscal year. 

How to Give to ECSU

The Annual Fund

The Annual Fund supports the education of every student as well as the university on any and every day in any and every day. It is the most comprehensive manner in which a charitable contribution can impact the university.

Restricted Giving

Restricted giving supports interests selected by the donor. These gifts are very specific and generally have a narrow scope of distribution. Used by a specific school, department, program or scholarship or for a variety of general purposes such as technology, student awards or faculty recruitment, the list of possibilities for restricted gifts is limitless. As such, they should be the product of a strategic discussion between University officials or University Development. Proper care must be taken to ensure that the restriction is one that both furthers ECSU's priorities and is meaningful to the donor. 

Thank you!

ECSU is grateful for the support and confidence of our donors. Your gifts elevate the work of the university and strengthen our foundation for the future.