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ECSU's Office of Admission is staffed with people who genuinely want to see you succeed, beginning with a solid education. We are eager to meet you and guide you through the admission process. If you have any questions about your application, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Willie Gillus

What was your best experience at ECSU? My best experience was the family environment thatI witnessed when I first became an employee here at the University. It is this type of family environment that drives students to do excel academically as well as in their extracurricular activities.

Why would you choose ECSU? I would choose ECSUbecause of its diverse student population and the quality of the faculty and staff. Although ECSU is a Historically Black college I feel that we have one of the most diverse student as well as faculty and staff make ups that you would find at any comparable university.

Why did you become an admissions counselor? I became an admissions counselor because I love to recruit students to ECSU. Due to my athletic backgroundI view recruiting as a very competitive venture as I strive to expose all students to this great institution of higher education.

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LaTonya Lewis

LaTonya LewisWhat was your best experience @ ECSU?
My best experience would have been when I was a student coming to one of the biggest basketball games of the year; Elizabeth City State University against Norfolk State University. The Vaughn Center would be standing room only. This would be a game you would look forward to every year.

Why did you choose ECSU?
Elizabeth City State was a part of my family heritage, it was like a natural thing that when you graduate from High School you automatically enrolled in Elizabeth City State so I followed the path of my two sisters, cousins, aunt and Godmother dating back as early as May 1971.

Why did you become an admissions counselor?
I was recommended to become a part of the Admissions Department and didn't hesitate toaccept after havinghad many positive experiences at ECSU in the areas of Athletics/Physical Education, Enrollment Management & Retention Services. I wanted the opportunity to continue to encourage new students to experience the same opportunitiesthatI had. I enjoyed having concerned faculty that cared about my success along with great staff such as Mrs. Leona Simons, Mrs. Myrtle Rivers, Mrs. Zachary, Mrs. Debra Stokley and AC Robinson to name a few. This position has afforded methe opportunity to continue mentoring current students, form close relationships with parents, and assisting new students in achieving the necessary mandates to matriculate through the Elizabeth City State University successfully. I am proof that Elizabeth City State University is a placewhereyou can succeed.

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Anthony Price

What was your best experience at ECSU?
Having the opportunity to attend this institution of higher learning - then graduating and remaining at ECSU to begin my career as an admissions counselor. During my education and professional career I have also developed lasting professional and personal relationships.

Why did you choose ECSU?
I chose ECSU because of the small class sizes and the one-on-one attention you receive from the professors. This university, because of its size, is conducive to an excellent learning environment.

Why did you become an admissions counselor?
My love for the school and advancement of students; as well as being able to make a difference in the lives of prospective and current students is why I am where I am today.

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Larry Wilson

Larry WilsonWhat was your best experience at ECSU?
My greatest experience at ECSU would be during the Spring Commencement exercise of 2001. As I sat in Roebuck Stadium awaiting my name to be called, flipping through my memory scrap book of life, I remembered how unlikely college graduation would be. This deep rooted doubt was the product of my high school guidance counselor. ECSU through its small classes and interpersonal relationship with students allowed me a chance at life I never imagined, not to mention helping to turn the negative into a positive.

Why did you choose ECSU?
To be honest, ECSU was not my first choice when I decided to attend college. I had never heard of ECSU until my Pastor informed me of a great school his aunt attended. He was convinced that it would meet my needs and he was right! After my parents and I toured the beautiful campus and met with various enthusiastic and hospitable members of the faculty and staff, we fell in love! (Or should I say my mom fell in love and persuaded my father and me that this was the place for me).

Why did you become an admissions counselor?
After not only seeing my life, but the lives of others changed, the desire to get the best kept secret in Northeastern North Carolina was greatly heightened. ECSU has a history of producing great teachers, doctors, lawyers and yes even a business man like myself that wasn't supposed to make it through a 4-year institution.

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