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Withdrawal Refund Policy - Tuition & Fees

Student Accounts

If a student officially withdraws from the University during or before the first week of the semester, the total amount paid may be refunded as no charges would be due for the student. After the first week of registration, any refunds of charges for tuition and fees will be reduced by 20 percent of the total tuition and fees per week for the next four (4) weeks of the semester. After the first five (5) weeks of the semester, no refunds will be made and all tuition and fees as billed will be due. This schedule begins with the first day of scheduled classes regardless of the actual day of enrollment. The tuition and fees refund schedule for the 2012-2013 academic calendars is as follows:

Spring 2014
Withdrawal January 13 through January 21, 2014 100%
Withdrawal January 22 through January 28, 2014 80%
Withdrawal January 29 through February 4, 2014 60%
Withdrawal by February 5 through February 11, 2014 40%
Withdrawal February 12 through February 18, 2014 20%
Withdrawal after February 18, 2014 0%

Financial Aid will be adjusted in accordance with federal and state regulations if a student withdraws they may not be eligible for all financial aid originally awarded. If an adjustment in financial aid causes a student to have a balance due, the student is responsible for paying the account balance.

If a student departs from the University without following official Withdrawal procedures, he/she may be subject to payment of 100 percent of the semester charges.