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Our Mission

MODEL Scholars Program

1. Why have I been invited to participate in the MODEL Scholars program?

Your chances of succeeding at Elizabeth City State University (ECSU) and earning a degree will be significantly enhanced by attending the program.   

2. What classes will I take in MODEL Scholars, and will they count toward my degree?

You will take ENGL 102 - Composition and Grammar I and MATH 115 - College Algebra.  These classes are normally taken by freshmen the first semester, and they will count for full credit toward your degree.

3. How much does MODEL Scholars cost?

The Program is supported by a state grant and is free to students.  Summer tuition and fees, housing, a meal plan, books, and other instructional materials are provided for you.

4. Another university has admitted me without requiring me to attend a summer program.  Why should I participate in MODEL Scholars?

This is an opportunity to get ahead of other students and earn college credits for free.  It gives you a chance to learn the campus, meet faculty, make friends, and begin fall semester with confidence.  Many of our previous MODEL Scholars go on to become campus leaders.  You may wish to see what previous MODEL Scholars have to say about the program under the "Testimonials" tab.    

5. What if I have a family reunion, a summer job, or a vacation during the MODEL Scholars Program?

Our Program is a five-week, full-time experience.  You will have classes and activities all day during the week and a variety of weekend activities.  If you cannot attend the entire Program, you cannot participate.

6. Can I go home at all during MODEL Scholars?

Students are required to stay on campus for the entire five-week experience.

7. Should I attend New Student Orientation if I am a MODEL Scholar student?

The MODEL Scholars staff will make arrangements for you to attend New Student Orientation. If you have already signed up, please contact the Office of Counseling and Testing at 252.335.3728 to cancel.

8. Will MODEL Scholars pay for my Orientation fee?

No, we will pay for all of your summer-related fees. All students must pay the $106 for New Student Orientation.

9. When does MODEL Scholars take place?

Program dates are June 21 - July 25, 2014. If you are accepted into the Program, you will receive a letter with specific details of when to report and what to bring. 

10. When should I complete my housing application for the fall?

MODEL Scholars should complete and submit your housing application along with the $125 non-refundable housing deposit as soon as possible. If you have any questions about fall housing, please contact the Office of Residential Life at 252.335.3761 immediately.

11. Can I attend MODEL Scholars and then enroll at a different university?

No, the Program is designed for incoming ECSU freshmen.

12. Can I receive mail while I am at MODEL Scholars?

Yes.  Mail can be picked up when students are not in class at the ECSU post office Monday-Friday 8:00-4:30 and Saturday 9:00-12:00. The mailing address is: Elizabeth City State University, MODEL Scholars Program, 1704 Weeksville Road, Campus Box 999, Elizabeth City, NC 27909.

If you have other questions regarding MODEL Scholars, please contact Mr. Kelvin Brown at 252.335.2477 or klbrown@ecsu.edu.