Related Policies

Related Policies

UNC Policy

Policy Number Title
700.4.1 Policy on Minimum Substantive and Procedural Standards for Student Disciplinary Proceedings
700.4.2 Policy on Student Court
700.4.3[G] Guidelines on Student Disciplinary Proceedings: Meaning and Effect of Expulsion

ECSU Policy

Policy Number Title
300.1.2 Policy under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
300.1.10 Academic Responsibility Policy
300.3.3 Admissions Referral Policy
500.1.1 Student Code of Conduct
500.1.2 Grievance Procedure for Students Involving Students and University Employees
500.1.3 Student Rights and Steps in the Judicial Process
500.1.4 Appellate Flow Chart
500.1.5 Student Hearing Bodies and Procedures
500.1.6 Automatic Suspensions
500.1.7 Policy on Student Disciplinary Sanctions
500.1.8 Readmission Following Suspension
500.1.9 Policy on Firearms and Weapons
500.1.10 Student Policy on Illegal Drugs
500.1.11 Sexual Assault Policy for Students
500.1.12 Policy on Protocols for Responding to Disruptive and Threatening Student Behavior
500.2.2 Residence Life Co-educational Visitation Policy
500.2.3 Drugs, Smoke and Alcohol Zero Tolerance Policy in the Residence Halls
500.2.4 Check-in and Check-out Policy for Residence Halls
500.2.7 Residence Life Property Damage Policy
900.1.2 Sexual Harassment Policy
900.1.3 Alcoholic Beverage Policy

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