• SGA 2015-16

Student Government Association

Student Government Association 2015-2016 "Johnson Administration"

SGA President
Name: Alanna Johnson
Hometown: Richmond, VA
Major: Aviation Science with a minor in Air Traffic Control
Why I Choose ECSU: I choose ECSU because of the loving, nurturing, family-oriented environment. I receive one-on-one instruction from my my professors.

Vice President of External Affairs
Name: Sierra Gary
Hometown: Roanoke Rapids, NC
Major: English
Why I Choose ECSU: you I'm not really sure that I chose ECSU, I believe ECSU chose me. I love that this is a small institution; a place where everybody knows your name, literally. ECSU is a university where you get to know yourself and most importantly you get the opportunity to become the very best scholar that you can be. Over the past 3 years, I've grown to love ECSU tremendously and I am glad that I came!

Vice President of Internal Affairs
Name: Ajanae Willis
Hometown: Fayetteville, NC
Major: History, Secondary Education. (Grades 9-12 )
Why I Choose ECSU: "I wanted a university that taught me to overcome the struggles of minority communities, an environment that would insinuate "up close & personal" relationships ,and a program that would mold me into a conqueror!"

Vice President of Finances
Name: Darrin Corbin
Hometown: Highland Park,NJ
Major: Criminal Justice minor in Pre-Law.
Why I Choose ECSU: I chose Elizabeth City State University because of its history in my family. My mother is an alumni from this institution, and I had a total of four cousins attend this university as well. ECSU is a small university and I appreciate how my professors are hands on and one on one with their students. This university speaks for itself with its history and how unique it is. My department is the best and I love my major and my professors. I wouldn't trade my experience so far for anything. I love my HBCU and I wouldn't trade it for any other university!

Name: Dominique Ashley
Hometown: Fayetteville, NC
Major: Political Science with a minor in Public Administration.
Why I Choose ECSU: I decided to attend Elizabeth City State University within ten minutes of my very first campus visit. Not only was the diversity, cultural/history, and scenery appealing, but the comfort from other students and professors made me feel at home.

Attorney General
Name: Skylah Gary
Hometown: Roanoke Rapid, NC
Major: Aviation

Mr. Elizabeth City State University
Name: Titus Lee
Hometown: Greensboro, NC
Major: Criminal Justice Major with a Minor in Mass Communications
Why I Choose ECSU: I chose ECSU because a lot of my family went here and I wanted to be in an environment that I could grow and development lifetime friendships and relationships with other students and faculty.

Miss. Elizabeth City State University
Name: Suehier Ali
Major: Social Work
Hometown: Charlotte, NC
Why I Choose ECSU: Family-orientated campus, affordable tuition, and small class room sizes

Chief of Staff
Name: Brittany Hartsfield
Hometown: Raleigh, NC
Major: Biology with a concentration in Pre Medicine
Why I Choose ECSU: The reason why I chose to come to Elizabeth City State University because of the small class sizes and when I walked onto the campus it felt like home.

Student Activities Chair
Name: J'meisha Fullwood
Hometown: Supply, N.C
Major: General Biology
Why I Choose ECSU: I made the decision to come to Elizabeth City State University when I visited the campus during Winter Homecoming 2012. Everyone was so welcoming and loving making me feel right at home. Also, because I was grateful for the opportunity and the chance to further my education.