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Field Observation


As a part of the Teacher Education Program, students are required to observe from 10 - 25 hours, according to their course requirements. Student taking any of the following courses, must register for Early Field Experience Observations in one of the designated K-12 public schools. To register for Early Field Experience Observations, please visit http://college.livetext.com/misk5/formz/public/44832/uirv8DHjUD and complete the registration form. Click submit when completed and print one copy to be submitted to Mr. Ralph V. Cole - Griffin Hall Room 116.

Courses Requiring Early Field Observations

BKED 222 Special Needs Field Study 20
BKED 326 Infant and Toddler Field Study 20
BKED 330 Observation and Assessment 10
BKED 421 Preschool Curriculum Field Study 20
BKED 454 Inclusive Preschool Environment 10
EDUC 201 Foundations of Education 25
READ 310 Elementary Reading & Language Arts 15
READ 320 Teaching Reading in Content Areas 10
SPED 347 Practicum I 20
SPED 349 Practicum II 20
EDUC 349 Classroom Management 10
PSY 406 Principles of Guidance 10
EDUC 412 Middle School Methods 20
EDUC 413 Instructional Methods in the Elementary Curriculum (K-6) 15
EDUC 468 Teaching Methods in the Inclusive Classroom 20
EDUC 424 Art Education Materials & Methods 10
EDUC 428 Music Methods in the Elementary School 10
EDUC 429 Music Methods in the Secondary School 10
EDUC 430 Secondary Instructional Methods 10
EDUC 431 Teaching Mathematics in the Elementary School 10
EDUC 434 Teaching Science in the Elementary School 10
EDUC 436 Teaching Social Studies in the Elementary School 10
EDUC 440 Methods & Materials for Teaching PE 10
SPED 449 Practicum III 20

Observation, Participation and Evaluation Packet

Please click here for the EFE Forms for Field Observation Packet Link. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open this file. Please print this form, read all the instructions on the cover sheet and distribute to the appropriate persons.

General Instructions

  • When notified by email or classroom instructor, contact school principal for appointment before reporting to assigned schools. Do not contact the schools prior to being notified by email or classroom instructor! (NOTE: Students requesting Camden County Schools must meet with a representative of the Camden County School System prior to contacting the school.)
  • Students are responsible for getting to schools.
  • Students have the same holiday schedule as the University.
  • Dress to impress!  Remember - first impression is the lasting impression.
  • Strive to meet public school obligations; notify the office if you cannot attend the assigned class(s).
  • Students wishing to do their observation near home during Fall/Spring must submit the request in writing to Office of Teacher Education to obtain prior approval.
  • If you are unable to complete your observation at the school requested, please notify the assigned school and the Office of School Services (Mr. Ralph V. Cole, Sr. at 335-3590/91, in room 161.
  • Make sure that you have completed the required number of hours.
  • Forms
    • Application for Field Experience in Education - go to ITL (GH #174) with your class to complete e-form.
    • Observation and Participation Log/School Office - leave in the main school building office. Sign in at the office on each visit.
    • Observation and Participation Log/Teacher
      • Cooperating teacher must sign in order for experience to be valid.
      • Student must sign and return to instructor.
    • Evaluation of Field Experience in Education - give to cooperating teacher for evaluation of your performance.
    • Suggested Activities Sheet - give to the cooperating teacher.
  • A typed copy of your journal observations/activities is to be submitted to your instructor and in some cases, as part of portfolio requirements. You should keep a digital copy of this journal as it will be evidence to be placed in your Livetext Electronic Portfolio once you are accepted into the teacher education program.
  • NOTE: At all times you are to represent yourself, your department and Elizabeth City State University with your best behavior.