Claudie Mackey, EdD.
Claudie Mackey

Claudie  Mackey

Professor, Education & Psychology
230  Willie and Jacqueline Gilchrist Education and Psychology Complex
Campus Box 934
Phone: (252)335-3479
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Dr. Claudie J. Mackey Abbreviated Bio

Dr. Claudie J. Mackey earned his Bachelor of Science (B.S.), from Elizabeth City State University; Masters of Education (M.ED.), Hofstra University; Educational Administration, Certificate of Advance Graduate Studies, (C.A.G.s.) Higher Education and Doctor of Education (EdD. ) from Virginia Polytechnical Institute and State University. From 1977-Present he has been employed at Elizabeth City State University where he has served as Associate Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs/External Relations, Interim Dean, School of Education and Psychology, Senior Professor, School of Education and Psychology, Assistant Athletic Director/Development, Coordinator of Athletic Advertisement, Head Basketball and Head Track Coach, Director of Northeastern NC Communication Skills Enhancement Program, and Project Director for the Northeastern North Carolina Transition to Teaching Project.

He served as Assistant Basketball Coach at York College of the City University of New York in Jamaica, New York. While employed with the New York City Board of Education where he served asAssistant to the Principal, Dean of Discipline, and Teacher/Special Programs. He also worked with Manpower Development Training Program and School District #16 K where he worked as a Camp Director, Group Leader, Organizer of a Drug Prevention Program, Youth Gang Relations and Coach.

Mackey hold educational licensure in the State of North Carolina: Superintendent, Principal (Grades K-12), Curriculum Instructional Specialist, Business Education (Grades 9-12), Exceptional Children Program Administrator (K-12). In the State of New York, he held certification in the areas of Educational Administration/Secondary Education, Supervision, and Business Education.

Dr. Mackey has received grant/funding from corporate, national and state agencies that exceeds 4.7 million dollars. He has published in the area of the “Prediction of Freshman Withdrawing from an Emerging State University” and “Graduation Success.” He has presented at national and local meeting. They include in part: Summit on The Shortage of African American Males in Teacher Education; Workshop on the Impact of the No Child Left Behind Legislation; “The Twenty One County Service Area SAT-ACT Public School Teachers Workshop,” SAT/PRAXIS Workshops for Public School Teachers and College students, Professors and College Pre-service Teachers; National Association Basketball Coaches Convention, Elite Eight Y.E.S. Clinics at the NCAA Division II National Championships, Springfield, Mass. and Louisville, Kentucky; NCAA - National Youth Sports Program Regional Workshop in Charlotte, NC; and conducted for twenty-three LEAs Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) Workshops.

He has served on the many Elizabeth City State University committees. In addition, Dr Mackey has experience as a professional athlete in the sports of football and basketball.