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Francisco San Juan, Jr.

Professor, Dr. Herman G. Cooke Department of Natural Sciences

Francisco San Juan, Jr.
Office: 415 Jimmy R. Jenkins Science Center
Address: Campus Box 925
(252) 335-3451
Fax: (252) 335-3508

A geologist with a strong background in geochemistry, I have spent 6 years in the mining industry, primarily mineral exploration including geochemical prospecting, and mine geology (gold and copper).

For the past 26 years, I have been teaching courses in geology, physical, marine and environmental sciences, GIS and remote sensing. I have developed a Minor in GIS/Remote Sensing curriculum and an accompanying lab. Since 2007, I have been teaching a course in Global Environmental Seminar, a case study based course with video conferencing activity with students from several universities. I have engaged in a joint research project with the U.S. Geological Survey and the North Carolina Geological Surveys in a study of heavy mineral deposits in the Cretaceous sediments of North Carolina. Another research project, funded by the University of North Carolina Water Resources Research Institute, involves the characterization of uranium isotopes in ground and surface waters. Other research projects include the NSF funded Enhancement of the curriculum for a minor in GIS and Remote Sensing, and the Development of an Across Discipline Laboratory Exercise Lab Book, NOAA, NSF MRI, USDOE MSEIP, and Department of the Army grant programs.

I am presently interested in the use of GIS in environmental studies, specially wetlands, and heavy metals in tap water, surface waters and bottom sediments. I am also interested in the topic of global warming, energy conservation/sustainability, and drugs/antibiotics in the environment.


Ph.D. 1977 82 Florida State Univ. Uranium Isotope, Geochemistry Hydrogeology

M.S. 1974 77 Florida State Univ. Economic Geology Geochemistry

B.S. 1961-66 University of the Philippines Geology

Professional Experience:

1982 present Elizabeth City State University, Professor of Geology

1971 1973 Manila Mining Corporation, Head of Geology Department

1967 1971 Lepanto Consolidated Mining Company Exploration Geologist


1990 University of North Carolina Water Resources Research Institute/U.S.G.S. for A Preliminary Investigation of the Uranium Isotope Disequilibrium of the Ground and Surface Waters of Northeastern North Carolina and Southeastern Virginia. Published as the UNC WRRI Special Report Series No. 13.

1989 U.S. Geological Survey Grant for Preliminary Investigation of the Heavy Mineral Potential of the Cretaceous Sediments of the Fall Line region of North Carolina. Published as U.S.G.S. Open File Report 92 396. Presented at the Annual Meeting of the Geological Society of America, 1990, Dallas, Texas.

Synergistic Activities:

2007-08 PI in a Department of the Army grant Acquisition of an Estuarine Environmental Station for the Albemarle Sound

2004-07 PI in a Department of Education Minority Science and Engineering Improvement Program (MSEIP) grant “Project Gateway”

2001-04 PI in a NOAA EPP/MSI grant “ North Carolina Coastal Habitat Protection Plan Implementation Support Through Directed Research and Remote Sensing.”

1997-99 PI in a National Science Foundation grant titled Enhancement of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing Curriculum and Development of “Across Discipline” Laboratory Exercise Manuals.