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Althea Bluiett

Assistant Professor, Dr. Herman G. Cooke Department of Natural Sciences

Althea Bluiett
Office: 404 Jimmy R. Jenkins Science Center
Address: Campus Box 925
(252) 335-3975
Fax: (252) 335-3508

Dr. Althea G. Bluiett is an assistant professor in physics in the department of Chemistry, Geology, and Physics. Currently, ongoing research is being conducted in exploring new mid-infrared materials for military applications as well as basic research.

Research interest:

My research interest concerns the crystal growth and optical characterization of rare earth (RE) doped solid-state materials. Currently, with the assistance of Army grant-W911NF-06-1-047, I have ongoing research on exploring the potential of sensitizing rare-earth ions for mid-infrared emission in the 4-5 ┬Ám regime. In this work, the excited state dynamics of trivalent RE-ions will be modified by employing a sensitization pumping scheme. This pump scheme will simultaneously take advantage of two RE-ions. One RE-ion will resonantly absorb the pump radiation, which is defined as the sensitizer or donor ion. A fraction of the absorbed pump radiation is subsequently transferred to the second RE-ion, the activator or acceptor ion. The activator ion emits the MIR light that is responsible for the laser emission. The sensitization scheme basically takes advantage of the strong absorption cross-section and convenient absorption wavelength of the sensitizer ion, and the intra-4f mid-infrared transition of the activator ion. The host materials under investigation includes KPb2Cl5 and KPb2Br5. The dopant materials include various combinations of the following RE-ions: Tm, Nd, Er, Dy, Pr, Tb, and Yb.

Selected Publications:

1. A. G. Bluiett, E. Pinkney, E.E. Brown, U. Hommerich, P. Amedzake, S.B. Trivedi, and J.M. Zavada, Material Science and Engineering B, Vol. 146, p. 110, 2008.

2. E. Brown, U. Hommerich, A.G. Bluiett, S.B. Trivedi, and J.M. Zavada, Journal of Applied Physics, In Press, 2007.

3. U. Hommerich, A. G. Bluiett, S. B. Trivedi, and R. T. Shah, Journal of Crystal Growth, Vol. 287, p. 243 (2006).

4. A. G. Bluiett, N. J. Condon, S. R. Bowman, Joseph Ganem, and Michael Logie, Journal of the Optical Society of America B, Vol. 22, No. 10, 2005.

5. A. G. Bluiett, U. Hommerich, R. T. Shah, S. B. Trivedi, H. Zong, S.W. Kutcher, C.C. Wang, R.J. Chen, Journal of Electronic Materials, Vol. 31, No. 7, p. 806, 2002.

AB, A & M College at Baton Rouge (1950-1950)
AB, A & M College at Baton Rouge (1950-1950)
BS, Prairie View A & M University (1990-1994)
AB, Michigan State University (1995-1997)
PhD, A & M College at Baton Rouge (1998-2003)