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Jeffrey Rousch

Associate Professor, Dr. Herman G. Cooke Department of Natural Sciences

Jeffrey Rousch
Office: 409 Jimmy R. Jenkins Science Center
Address: Campus Box 930
(252) 335-3820
Fax: (252) 335-3697


PhD, Arizona State University, Plant Biology
MS, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Biology
BS, Johnson State College, Environmental Chemistry
BS, University of Hartford, Computer Science / Physics


My laboratory is focused on the two major research areas of the distribution of anti-oxidant compounds in the tissues of herbs, like Taraxacum, and the biotechnological applications of microphotosynthetic cells. There is anecdotal evidence that Taraxacum is therapeutic and nutritive, however, little work has been done on characterizing the optimal growth conditions, preparation and specific plant tissues that should be used to derive the maximum health benefit of this herb. This information would serve commercial growers, product processors and consumers in more effective and safer uses of this natural product.

Microphotosynthetic cells are abundant and diverse, yet often overlooked in many applications. Many of these cells are genetically transformable and can act as phyto-pharmaceutical factories or as precursors of biofuels. My laboratory is currently investigating the ability of microphotosynthetic cells to bioremediate environmental pollutants and the affect of toxins on cell physiology.


I teach a wide diversity of undergraduate and graduate courses in biology. Specifically, General Biology for Majors, Molecular Biology, Zoology, Principles of Biological Science, Career Entry Seminar, Independent Research, Advanced Biotechnology, Pollution Biology, Scientific Research and Communication, Bioinformatics, Introduction to Bioenergy and Field Experiences in Biology.

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