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A.V. Adedeji

Associate Professor, Dr. Herman G. Cooke Department of Natural Sciences

A.V. Adedeji
Office: 403 Jimmy R. Jenkins Science Center
Address: Campus Box 925
(252) 335-8538
Fax: (252) 335-3508

Dr. A. Victor Adedeji is an assistant professor of physics in the department of Chemistry, Geology, and Physics. His research interest includes: development of contact metallization scheme for Wide Band Gap (WBG) semiconductor microelectronics useful for special applications in harsh environment; and the deposition and characterization of thin films for "smart window" applications.

Research Interest: Include fabrication and characterization of micro- and nano-electronic contacts (both Ohmic & Schottky) on Wide Band Gap (WBG) semiconductor (SiC, GaN, diamond etc.) for applications in extreme environment. WBG semiconductors are advanced materials with intrinsic properties that make them suitable for high power and high frequency device fabrication and for devices that are able to survive in high temperature and high radiation environment. It is important to develop contacts that can survive in these extreme conditions as well. Otherwise, the rapid failure of contact metallization can cause devices to fail quickly. We are also interested in developing and characterizing multilayer thin films for “smart window” application. These films are chromogenic, the transmitted radiation through them depend on ambient temperature (thermochromic) and applied voltage (electrochromic). They are important for efficient energy consumption in modern buildings.

Selected Publications:

1. A.V. Adedeji, A.C. Ahyi, J.R. Williams, S.E. Mohney and J. Schofield, Ambient temperature characteristics of schottky contacts on 4H-SiC aged in air at 350ºC, Solid State Electronic 54 (2010) 736-740.

2. A.V. Adedeji, A.C. Ahyi, J.R. Williams, S.E. Mohney, B. Liu and J. Schofield, “Composite ohmic contacts to SiC” Material Science Forum (2006), 527-529 (Pt. 2, Silicon Carbide and Related Materials), 879-882.

3. A.V. Adedeji, G.O. Egharevba, C.Jeynes and E.O.B. Ajayi, Preparation and characterization of pyrolytically deposited (Co-V-O and Cr-V-O) thin films, Thin Solid Films, 402 (1-2), (2002), 49-54.