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Standing Committees

Faculty Senate

The Executive Committee

Margery Coulson-Clark * Associate Professor Faculty Senate Chair 2013-15
Jose Gil Professor Faculty Senate Vice Chair 2013-15
Abigail G. Scheg Assistant Professor Faculty Senate Secretary 2014-16
Yolanda Anderson Assistant Professor Parliamentarian 2013-15

The Academic Programs and Academic Concerns Committee

Thomas Rossbach Professor
Gail Issacs Professor
Alex Ogwu Professor
Rebecca Seaman Professor
Sandra Copeland Associate Professor
Jill Haasch Associate Professor
Kathleen Gray Assistant Professor

University Professional Service and Support Committee

William Drescher Professor
Saundra Copeland Associate Professor
Dorothy Kersh-Aerga Assistant Professor
Tommy Cox Instructor

Faculty Governance Committee

Rebecca Seaman Professor
K.O. Boansi Professor
Claudie Mackey Professor
Margaret Young Associate Professor
Shirin Siddiqui Associate Professor

Non-Academic Activities Program and Projects Committee

Resources and Allocation Committee

Scott Bradshaw* Professor
Lloyd Mitchell Associate Professor
Deborah Riddick Assistant Professor
Kim Downing Assistant Professor

Indicate Chairs (*)