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Standing Committees

Faculty Senate

The Executive Committee

Margery Coulson-Clark * Associate Professor Faculty Senate Chair 2013-15
Jose Gil Professor Faculty Senate Vice Chair 2013-15
Abigail G. Scheg Assistant Professor Faculty Senate Secretary 2014-16
Yolanda Anderson Assistant Professor Parliamentarian 2013-15

The Academic Programs and Academic Concerns Committee

Thomas Rossbach Professor
Gail Issacs Professor
Alex Ogwu Professor
Rebecca Seaman* Professor
Sandra Copeland Associate Professor
Jill Haasch Associate Professor
Kathleen Gray Assistant Professor

University Professional Service and Support Committee

William Drescher Professor
Saundra Copeland Associate Professor
Dorothy Kersh-Aerga Assistant Professor
Tommy Cox Instructor

Faculty Governance Committee

Rebecca Seaman* Professor
K.O. Boansi Professor
Claudie Mackey Professor
Margaret Young Associate Professor
Shirin Siddiqui Associate Professor

Non-Academic Activities Program and Projects Committee

Resources and Allocation Committee

Scott Bradshaw* Professor
Lloyd Mitchell Associate Professor
Deborah Riddick Assistant Professor
Kim Downing Assistant Professor

Indicate Chairs (*)