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Academic Advisement Program

The Academic Advisement Program is operated by the Department of General Studies. It was established in 2007 in an effort to decrease the number of academic deficiencies and to help students graduate on time. An Academic Advisor has been identified in each Department to advise students during the first two academic years.  Students who are undeclared majors are assigned to advisors designated for undeclared majors. When undeclared students exit General Studies, they are assigned to an Academic Advisor in the discipline of their choice. Incoming freshmen who have chosen a major are assigned to an advisor in their major department. The Academic Advisement program publishes a newsletter to notify students regarding advisement services. Every semester, emails are sent to students informing them of advisement and registration dates, advisement locations, and contact persons. 

Academic advisement begins at the New Student Orientation. The advisors are responsible for assisting students in completing the General Education Core Curriculum. Information about the Academic Advisement Program is disseminated to students and faculty through presentations at Orientation for new freshmen and transfer students, during faculty meetings, through emails, and the Academic Advisement Newsletter, as well as in the Freshmen Orientation classes. Contact: Vicky Tillett, Department of General Studies, (252) 335-3474.