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Elizabeth City State University
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Elizabeth City State University

Admission Procedures

Qualified graduates of accredited colleges and universities are eligible to seek admission to Graduate Education programs at Elizabeth City State University. Applications are received on the basis of qualifications, without regard to, race, color, national origin, religion, gender, age or disability. Transcripts and other credentials become the property of the university and must remain on file in the appropriate offices.

Admission to pursue graduate study at Elizabeth City State University is accomplished in two steps: one, by admission to the university and two, by admission to a particular program.

Step One: In order to be admitted to Elizabeth City State University, application forms, transcripts, and other credentials must be forwarded to the Office of Graduate Education, Campus Box 943, Elizabeth City State University, Elizabeth City, NC 27909 where they will be reviewed and acted upon. The Office of Graduate Education builds a file for the student and forwards a copy of all materials received to the designated Graduate Program Coordinator.

Admission to Elizabeth City State University means only that the student will be permitted to enroll in courses at the graduate level. It does not necessarily imply that he/she will be admitted to a program leading to an advanced degree. Admission to courses must be approved by the Graduate Program Coordinator. The non-degree graduate student is further urged to seek advisement regarding any course enrollment in light of its relevance to intended degree matriculation, and, also from the standpoint of the advisability of enrollment in prerequisite courses.

Step Two: Admission to a selected graduate degree program will proceed in the following manner. When the student's file is complete, it will be reviewed by the Departmental Committee, initiated by the Graduate Program Coordinator, and a decision will be made relative to the admission/non-admission of the student to the program. The Graduate Coordinator will inform the Director of Graduate Education, in writing, about the admissions decision. The Director of Graduate Education will inform the applicant, in writing, about the admissions decision.

A $30.00 application fee must accompany the application for admission and is not refundable. Certified checks or money orders should be made payable to Elizabeth City State University.