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Advisory Committee and Thesis Requirement

The admitted student is responsible for contacting ECSU graduate faculty professors and potential experts in their research field to form an Advisory Committee. The Advisory Committee is responsible for guiding the majority of student academic and research efforts and has final approval on such key areas as research topic, Program of Study and thesis defense. The Advisory Committee must be composed of at least three (3) and no more four (4) full-time ECSU graduate program faculty with at least two (2) members serving in the Department of Biology and Marine Environmental Science and one (1) member serving as Committee Chair. The Committee Chair must be an ECSU full-time graduate faculty, but may be affiliated with a department other than the Department of Biology. If the student's thesis topic requires expertise outside the University, it is permissible to add a member from outside the University in addition to three (3) ECSU full-time graduate faculty.

The Masters of Science in Biology Biological Sciences track requires the completion of unique and high quality research designed under the guidance of the student's advisory committee. This specific process begins with the formal approval of the Proposal by the Advisory Committee. The research, which represents a significant portion of effort in the program, must make a notable contribution to the advancement of knowledge in the student's discipline area. The thesis is the culminating documentation of the research efforts and the student must orally present and successfully defend the thesis to the full satisfaction of the Advisory Committee as a requirement for graduation.