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Class Attendance Regulations

Students are expected to attend all classes. The maximum number of absences permitted shall not exceed twice the number of times the course meets per week. No additional absences shall be allowed except in the most severe and unusual circumstances. If class sessions are missed, students are expected to complete required course work.

Should a student exceed the allowable number of absences, the professor has the option of informing the student (in writing) that a grade of "FA" will be turned in at the end of the semester. At this point, the student may wish to officially withdraw from the class.

When the instructor informs a student of an intention to turn in a grade of "FA" because of excess absences, the student may appeal. The appeal process begins with the professor. Next, an appeal may be made to the Graduate Program Coordinator, the professor's Department Chair and/or Dean and finally, the Graduate Grievance and Appeals Committee. All such appeals must be initiated within five (5) days of the time the student is sent notification of the professor's intention to turn in an "FA" grade. No appeal will be allowed after course grades have been submitted to the registrar. Records of the appeals hearing must be submitted to the Office of Graduate Education.