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Degree Requirements

The degree requirements are:

  1. Total hours required: at least 30 for Biological Sciences and 36 for Biology Education;
  2. Proportion of courses open only to graduate students to be required in program: Two thirds of the required courses are open to graduate students only;
  3. Course Load: A full course load is nine (9) credit hours per semester. The maximum number of graduate hours in any semester is twelve (12);
  4. Grades: Students with a cumulative grade point average below required standards (3.00) must limit their course loads to 6 semester hours and are subject to an academic warning (first occurrence), probation (second occurrence), and/or suspension (third occurrence). Students have the right to appeal academic suspensions and apply for readmission if they are of the conviction that failure to maintain the minimum cumulative grade point average for continued enrollment was due to extenuating circumstances. Students may appeal academic suspension and apply for readmission to the university;
  5. Amount of transfer credit accepted: maximum of 6 hours;
  6. Other requirements:

    Each student will be advised by the Biology Graduate Coordinator initially, until such time the student forms the Advisory Committee (by 2nd semester). The Biology Graduate Coordinator will help students settle any concerns that they may have about the program.

    Research/Thesis requirements – The M.S. degree program requires completion of research in a biological specialty or subspecialty, or area of teacher education development and approval of a thesis or action research project and oral defense of that work. The student must complete and defend a thesis approved by the student's committee that results in a high quality, scholarly work. The student must orally present and successfully defend the thesis to the student's advisory committee.