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Elizabeth City State University
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Elizabeth City State University

Division of Student Affairs

The Division of Student Affairs is organized and administered by the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs to augment, strengthen, and support the university's commitment to the total development of its students. The Division includes the Offices of Career Services, Counseling and Testing , Office of Emergency Management/Environmental Health & Safety, Student Health Services, Student Life, Judicial Affairs, Residence Life, and University Police.

Student Affairs assists with the adjustment of students to both the academic and non-academic environments of the campus. The main focus is on creating and promoting an environment in which students can develop into mature, well-rounded citizens who are self-disciplined and aware of the lifelong process of education.

Student Affairs' programs are designed to promote student initiative, responsibility, and rights to a quality education as well as well-rounded personal and social development. The programs also strive to provide opportunities for leadership and to promote a climate conducive to intellectual stimulation and growth that builds character and integrity and fosters excellence and respect for diversity in a global society. Special services for those students who have academic and non-academic difficulties are also provided.