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Elizabeth City State University
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Elizabeth City State University

Office of Distance and Continuing Education

Distance Education


The Distance Education program supports and encourages collaborative efforts involving faculty, staff, and administrators, working to serve as a model for change and growth at Elizabeth City State University via distance education delivery methods. Distance Education at ECSU extends availability and access to convenient course offerings to students who are isolated from campus due to time and/or geographic location, utilizing existing, new, and emerging technological strategies.


  • to offer an academically sound alternative to traditional face-to-face instruction via distance education technologies to meet the needs of non-traditional students;
  • to provide administrators, faculty, and staff with professional development opportunities and resources essential for teaching and learning through online distance education courses;
  • to increase student enrollment and retention by offering convenient and accessible online course and support services to address the needs of online students which supports the current and future workforce needs of the State of North Carolina;
  • to continuously maintain and upgrade the technologies necessary to deliver quality online courses and to review current and emerging trends in online distance education in an effort to integrate best practices.


Students interested in taking online courses should determine if they have the qualities to be a successful online student. Before searching for an online course, test your knowledge and skills for learning online. Take the Readiness Skills Survey and review the Qualities of an Online Learner at the Distance Education website located at For Students, Getting Started.


1. Find an Online Course

2. Apply Online for Admission

3. Register for Course(s)

4. Pay your Tuition and Fees

5. Purchase your Books

6. Begin your Course (s)

Continuing Education


The Continuing Education Program at Elizabeth City State University is committed to contributing to the mission of the University by providing a variety of continuing education opportunities geared toward the professional and personal development needs of the citizenry of northeastern North Carolina and beyond. Continuing Education is the primary unit of the university responsible for non-credit offerings.  Continuing Education provides lifelong learners with opportunities for learning new skills, advancing their careers, and for personal enrichment. Continuing Education utilizes the University's educational resources to offer lifelong learning experiences that provide continuing education units to non-traditional audiences.


The vision of the Continuing Education Program is to become a leader in offering non-credit opportunities to the citizenry of northeastern North Carolina and beyond. Through a focus on excellence in instructors, excellence in courses, and excellence in support services, the Continuing Education Program will be instrumental in affording lifelong learners opportunities to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to achieve their personal and professional goals.


  • to provide lifelong learners with convenient opportunities for learning new skills, advancing their careers, and for personal enrichment;
  • to form partnerships with business, industry, public agencies, organizations, schools, etc. in an effort to offer opportunities for personal and professional development to their employees;
  • to serve as a recruitment tool for prospective students;
  • to generate an additional source of revenue for the university.

To see more detailed information on continuing education opportunities please visit the Continuing Education website at




Director of Distance and Continuing Education
Kimberley N. Stevenson, Ed.D.
Campus Box 924
140 Information Technology Center

1704 Weeksville Road
Phone: 252-335-3699 or 1-877-432-7662
Fax: 252-335-3426

Instructional Technology Specialist
Loretta B. Powers, MSIT
Campus Box 924
140 Information Technology Center

1704 Weeksville Road
Phone: 252-335-3112 or 1-877-432-7662
Fax: 252-335-3426
Email: to request more information about Distance Education to request more information about Continuing Education