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Elizabeth City State University
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Elizabeth City State University

Office of Sponsored Programs, Contracts and Grants

The Office of Sponsored Programs, Contracts and Grants (SPCG) is a component of the Division of Academic Affairs. Under the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, SPCG conducts an aggressive and comprehensive sponsored research program to assist with the university's mission of teaching, research and community outreach by: 1) assisting faculty, staff and students with the procurement of grants, contracts and cooperative agreements from external sponsors; 2) promoting faculty involvement in collaborative research and partnerships; 3) administering the university's Title III Program to strengthen its infrastructure; and 4) through its research compliance program ensuring that the privilege of receiving external support is protected. SPCG also works collaboratively with the Division of Business and Finance's Contracts & Grants Office and other relevant personnel to implement funded projects and ensure compliance with sponsor guidelines, rules, and regulations.

Since SPCG was established in 1993, the office has worked with university personnel to attract more than $130 million for student scholarships and internships, equipment, technology and facilities upgrades, academic curricula enhancement, faculty and staff training, community outreach programs, scholarly research, and other sponsored projects.