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Oral Examination

The following actions will be implemented in reference to oral examinations:

  1. In the semester that the Master's level student is scheduled to graduate, the student will be required to submit a complete copy of the Comprehensive Assessment Portfolio (CAP) to the Office of the Coordinator of Graduate Programs in the School of Education and Psychology. The CAP is embedded in the year-long internship and is the capstone experience for candidates in the MSA degree and add-on licensure program. The student will reproduce the CAP for each member of his/her Graduate Advisement Committee. The deadline dates for the student to submit the CAP are listed below:
    Fall Semester – November 15th
    Spring Semester – April 15th
  2. Oral comprehensive examinations will be scheduled during the week following the submission of the Comprehensive Assessment Portfolio during the months of November and April; and
  3. The students will be expected to be prepared to defend their Comprehensive Assessment Portfolio to Graduate Faculty and other individuals interested in the students' product.

Please Note: The Capstone course is separate and apart from the responsibilities of each student and the committee that will hear and assess the oral presentation. The Capstone course instructor is responsible for guiding each student through the preparation of his/her finished products for the oral examination.