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Oral Examinations

The following actions will be implemented in reference to oral examinations:

  1. In the semester that the Master's level student is scheduled to graduate, the student will be required to submit an electronic version of the Product of Learning. The deadline dates for the student to submit the Product of Learning are listed below:

    Fall Semester – The Monday after the first Sunday in November.

    Spring Semester – The Monday after the first Sunday in April.

  2. Oral presentations will be scheduled during the week following the submission of the Product of Learning during the months of November and April.
  3. The candidates will be expected to be prepared to defend their Products of Learning before the Graduate Faculty and other interested parties interested in the students' products.

Please note: The EDUC 640 Collaborative Action Research course is taken over 4 semesters and is required. This course will provide guidance to candidates as they prepare for the Transformational Teaching Project which is the final product and required for graduation.