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Elizabeth City State University
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Elizabeth City State University

Other Charges

Although fixed charges for tuition and fees are kept to a minimum, the University, with the approval of the Board of Governors, reserves the right to alter these charges at any time with or without prior notice, if costs of materials and services make it necessary. All charges and fees for each semester, including tuition, meals, room, and other fees, are due on or before the day of official registration. If a student is unable to pay the full cost on or before registration day, parents or prospective independent students should contact the Office of Business and Finance – Student Accounts at (252) 335-3471 to receive information regarding tuition payment plans.

Charges for Special Students

Tuition and fee schedules for Special Students are furnished upon request by the Office of Business and Finance – Student Accounts.

Charges for Auditing Courses

Charges for Audit courses are the same as those for taking a course for credit.

Charges for Summer Session(s)

Charges for Summer Session(s) are listed in Summer School brochures and furnished by the Office of Summer School.

Charges for Weekend/Evening Program

Charges for Weekend/Evening Program students are the same as those for regular students. Brochures and other information are available from the Director of the Weekend/Evening Program.