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Policy on Completion of Thesis/Product of Learning

Students who have completed their course work and the number of thesis/product of learning hours for credit required in their graduate degree program but have not completed their Thesis Product of Learning, must take one of two actions as follows:

  1. Students who will continue to use university resources in completing their degrees must enroll in and pay tuition and fees for the culminating Thesis/Capstone Course 699 as appropriate for all degree programs. The hours will not count toward the degree. (EDU 699, ELPS 699, BIOL 699-700, MATH 699)
  2. Students who will not use university resources should apply for a leave of absence. Students choosing this option must file a formal petition with the Office of Graduate Education for a leave of absence that states that they will not use university resources during the leave period. Students granted a leave of absence must re-apply for active status in the graduate program.

Regardless of the course of action selected, all students must be enrolled in thesis/product of learning preparation courses for credit during the semester in which they complete their graduate work or are scheduled to receive their degrees.