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Elizabeth City State University
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Elizabeth City State University

Program Description

Elizabeth City State University provides a challenging and supportive environment that prepares its students for knowledgeable, responsible participation and leadership in an ever-changing, technologically advanced society. It continues to promote excellence in teaching as its primary responsibility to meet the needs of the students and citizens of the state, nation, and world.

The School of Education and Psychology offers the Master of Education degree in Elementary Education. The primary goal is to ensure that teachers, through continuous decision making, become effective collaborators and leaders. The program's focus is to fully implement national standards for teachers, including the North Carolina Standards for Graduate Teacher Candidates. Merging these standards results in high quality education for P-12 students.

The Conceptual Framework of the Teacher Education Program, Professional Educator as Decision Maker at Elizabeth City State University represents the knowledge, skills, and dispositions that are essential for effective teaching and decision making. The knowledge, skills, and dispositions identified in the conceptual framework are attained through a collaborative relationship between the University, the Local Education Agency, the community, and family. The conceptual framework identifies three types of knowledge: content knowledge, professional knowledge, and pedagogical knowledge, that candidates in the program will attain. In addition, successful candidates will demonstrate the six dispositions, which are reflective practitioners, advocators of diversity, effective facilitators, critical thinkers, proficient technology users, and competent evaluators. The conceptual framework also directs the Master of Education in Elementary Education program by informing the decisions that faculty make regarding teaching and evaluation. Students are expected to engage in action research prior to exiting the program.