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Elizabeth City State University
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Elizabeth City State University

Residence Life Property Damage Policy

All students who live in university residence halls are bound by the terms and conditions set forth under this Damage Policy. By accepting occupancy in a residence hall at Elizabeth City State University, students are agreeing to this policy. Acceptance is defined as receiving a residence hall room key and signature on the appropriate residence hall contracts and forms. This policy applies to all students who are occupying campus housing during the period when damages occur.

The university will assess damage charges for unauthorized use of and damages or alterations to residence halls, including rooms, floors, suites, and common areas. Charges will be rendered for any damages that are not the result of normal wear. When the responsible party or parties allegedly responsible for damages are identified and the evidence is substantiated, charges will be assessed against the responsible party or parties. If the responsible party or parties are not identified, all residents of either the hall, a floor, a room, or a suite will be held accountable for equal portions of the total damages that occur within the area, as well as damages that occur in common area(s).