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Elizabeth City State University
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Elizabeth City State University

Special Charges & Fees

Application Fee

Every admissions application must be accompanied by a non-refundable fee of $30. This fee must be in the form of a certified check or money order made payable to "Elizabeth City State University."

Diploma Fee

A processing fee is charged for any diploma reordered after graduation. Shipping and handling charges will be added to this fee. Please call (252) 335-3300 for current costs.

Dropping Courses

A $5 processing charge per transaction is charged for dropping courses after the drop/add period is over. This charge must be paid by cash or certified check to the University Cashier in the Business Office and may not be charged to your account.

ID Card Fee

A $20 duplicating fee will be charged for the replacement of a lost, destroyed, or misplaced ID Card. There is no fee charged for replacement of a worn out card. Replacement cards may be obtained at the ID Office in Lester Hall, Room 110. No refunds will be made for cards which are lost and then found after they have been replaced. Each student is required to carry an ID Card at all times and to present that ID Card to an authorized official upon request.

Graduation Fee

A graduation fee of $100.00 covers the cost of the diploma, cap and gown, and related commencement activities. It must be paid at least 45 days before graduation by any senior planning to graduate.

Senior Fee

The senior fee is determined by the senior class and covers the cost of senior activities during Senior Week. It must be paid at least 45 days before graduation by any seniors planning to attend the activities.

Freshman Orientation

A $106 non-refundable charge covers the cost of the orientation program including University lodging.

Intent to Enroll Fee

A $50 non-refundable fee in the form of a certified check or money order must be paid within three weeks after receiving a Certificate of Acceptance from the University. This fee will be applied toward payment on your tuition and fees for those students who attend the University.

Pre-Registration Charges

A $100 non-refundable fee will be assessed for any continuing student who fails to pre-register prior to deadline.

Late Registration Charges

Any student who completes registration after the last official registration date must pay a $25 late registration charge.

Room Deposit

Once a year, each boarding student must pay a $125 non-refundable room deposit in order to secure housing. The $125 will not be applied toward the student's outstanding balance.

Post Office

ECSU Post Office mailboxes are available for rent for an annual fee of $26.50. There is a $20 replacement fee for lost mailbox keys.

Tuition Surcharge

A fifty percent (50%) tuition surcharge will be imposed on all undergraduate, degree-seeking students taking more than 140 degree hours to complete a baccalaureate degree in a four-year (8 semester) program or more than 110 percent (110%) of the credit hours to complete a baccalaureate degree in any program officially designated by the Board of Governors as a five-year program. Each student is encouraged to consult with his or her faculty advisor to avoid excess hours. All regular semester, degree-creditable courses taken are counted including transfer credit hours (up to 94 semester hours), repeated courses, failed courses, and those dropped after the last day of "Drop and Add."

Interest and Penalties

Pursuant to G.S. 105-241.1 (1), an interest charge at the established rate will be added to any past due account receivable from the date due until paid. A late payment penalty of no more than 10 percent of the account receivable may also be added to all past-due accounts. ECSU may waive a late payment penalty for good cause or reason.