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Types of Admission

The three types of admission are:

  1. Unconditional Admission

    A student must satisfy the following criteria for unconditional admission:

    • Bachelor's degree from an accredited higher education institution;
    • Overall undergraduate GPA of 3.0 (4.0 scale);
    • Appropriate score on the GRE (Graduate Record Examination) or MAT (Miller Analogies Test) (taken within the last five years) and TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language), if applicable;
    • Interview with Dean and/or Department faculty, if applicable;
    • Recommendations from three professionals who can document work performance;
    • Completed ECSU Health Form (For all students taking more than four credit hours on the university campus); and
    • Two official transcripts, sent from the Registrar's Office, from all institutions previously attended.
  2. Conditional Admission

    With the approval of the graduate coordinator of his/her proposed graduate major and the chairperson and Dean, a student whose scholastic record does not fully meet requirements for unconditional graduate status may be granted conditional admission. This classification terminates on the date of the student's completion of successful application or admission to a Graduate Program. The student may be admitted for a trial period of one semester after which he/she may be given full graduate status, if the work is judged to be of graduate quality by the Departmental Graduate Admissions Committee. Admission may be refused due to low grades on the student's scholastic record or low performance

  3. Special Student Admission

    Elizabeth City State University recognizes the admission classification of special students. This designation is a temporary classification for persons who wish to take licensure renewal, transfer of credits to another institution, take courses for personal satisfaction, or for those with incomplete Graduate Application Packets. This classification terminates on the date of the student's completion of successful application (not later than the end of the second semester of enrollment) or admission to a Graduate Program. Persons admitted as special students are not candidates for a degree. They may take only nine (9) credits before being admitted to a program leading to a Master's degree. Credits earned while a student is designated as a special graduate student may later be applied toward the fulfillment of the requirements of a graduate degree program provided:

    1. The action is recommended by the graduate coordinator of the student's intended major and approved by the chairperson and Dean;
    2. The credit was earned within the past two years;
    3. The amount of credit does not exceed nine semester hours;
    4. The work is "B" level or better, and
    5. The work has not been taken to remove deficiencies. (Deficiencies are defined as qualifications needed in order to meet Graduate Education admission standards). (Biology Master's degree students see Biology Handbook)