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Undergraduate Enrollment for Graduate Level Courses

Undergraduate students at ECSU who plan to undertake graduate study at ECSU and who have no more than 12 semester hours of work to fulfill all requirements for the bachelor's degree may enroll in graduate classes at the University. Total graduate credit obtained in this dual status may not exceed 9 hours. Students must have a grade point average of 3.0 (4.0 Scale) and apply for admission to a graduate program before requesting dual registration.

Students do not have to be formally admitted to the graduate program. For graduate credit to be applied to an ECSU graduate degree, the students must have received written permission from the undergraduate advisor, Graduate Program Coordinator, course instructor, Department Chairperson, and Dean of the School.

Students should be advised that approval for dual registration neither guarantees nor constitutes acceptance into any specific graduate program. Graduate credits cannot count toward undergraduate degree requirements.