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Elizabeth City State University
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Elizabeth City State University

Walter N. & Henrietta B. Ridley Student Complex

The Complex consists of Ridley Hall Unit #1, The Bowling Center and the Walter N. & Henrietta B. Ridley Student Center. The center is approximately 50,000 square feet. This facility was opened to the students on May 18th, 2005 and it serves as the nucleus for all university activities. The center houses the following offices and services:

  • Student Life
  • Student Activities
  • Campus Recreation
  • Clubs & Organizations
  • Student Government Association (SGA)
  • Greek Affairs
  • Commuter Student Services
  • Student Activities Committee (SAC)
  • Student Leadership Development Academy
  • Theater
  • Multi-purpose room
  • ECSU Bookstore
  • Study Room
  • Computer Stations
  • Bowling Center
  • Bedell Hall
  • Student Center Unit II
  • Campus Post Office
  • The Blue Room – Faculty Dining Room
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Emergency Management/Environmental Health & Safety