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Information Technology

All employees and students at Elizabeth City State University have access to a free e-mail account.

Username: First initial, middle initial, last name, three digit number. (Example: jtsmith123).
Check Student E-Mail Directory for possible variations of your e-mail account and username.

E-mail Address: username@ecsu.edu (Example: jtsmith123@ecsu.edu)

Password: Banner ID #
Passwords are required to be changed every 30 days to keep the account secure and needs to be at least 6 characters.

Note: New shortcuts added to the side bar.

Microsoft Outlook Web Access Personalized Features

In the Options folder:

  • Out of Office Assistant -- Automatically replies to incoming e-mail messages;
  • Messaging Options -- Edit signature;
  • Spelling Options -- Always check spelling before sending;
  • Privacy and Junk E-Mail Prevention -- Filter Junk E-Mail;
  • Reminder Options -- Enables reminders for the Calendar and Tasks; and
  • Password -- Change your password

In the Rules folder:

  • Move a message to a specified folder; and
  • Forward messages to another e-mail account -- option to keep a copy in the Inbox folder.

ECSU's E-Mail Retention and Computer Use Policy

The E-Mail Retention and Computer Use Policy governs your use of the University's E-Mail resources. By accepting and using your e-mail account, you agree to adhere to this policy. This policy is posted on the web at: http://www.ecsu.edu/administration/legal/docs/policymanual.pdf.

For More Information:

For more information on using Microsoft Outlook Web Access, log into your e-mail account and click on the Help Button.

If you have any Questions/Problems regarding this account contact: helpdesk@ecsu.edu or IT Client Services at 335-3532.