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Information Technology

What you need to know

The university provides several e-mail options to current students, faculty, and staff. E-mail is an official means of communication, and sometimes that's the only way information is delivered. Remember to check your e-mail account at least once a week and keep a current e-mail address on file the the university.

Basic e-mail: Even if you already have an e-mail account, ITS recommends that students sign up for a basic university e-mail account. Not only does it identify you as a member of one of the top universities in the country, it's the best way for us to deliver your mail because other e-mail providers sometimes reject university e-mail.

Premium e-mail & Calendar: With premium e-mail, you can securely access, generate, and organize your e-mail, calendar, contacts, data, and more. This account also allows you to synchronize vital information found on your laptop, BlackBerry, and Pocket PC.

Departmental e-mail: Your department may provide its own e-mail accounts. Ask your departmental contact if this is the right option for you.

User Information

All employees and students at Elizabeth City State University have access to a free e-mail account.

Username: First initial, middle initial, last name (Example: jtsmith).
Check Student E-Mail Directory to verify your e-mail account and username.

E-mail Address: username@ecsu.edu (Example: jtsmith@ecsu.edu)

Password: VIKING#### (#### represents last 4-digits of your SSN) (Must type in ALL CAPS).
Passwords are required to be changed every 30 days to keep the account secure and needs to be at least 6 characters.

ECSU's E-Mail Retention and Computer Use Policy

The E-Mail Retention and Computer Use Policy governs your use of the University's E-Mail resources. By accepting and using your e-mail account, you agree to adhere to this policy. This policy is posted here.