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Module 1 Assignment

G.R. Little Library

This assignment will acquaint you with the library's resources and services. The assignment follows the method given in the handout: Seven Steps to Effective Library Research. Before you begin the assignment, please review that handout. After completing the assignment, please turn it in to your professor. If you have any questions or need any help, please ask a librarian.

As an example, a completed assignment follows. The actual assignment sheet follows this example.


Question 1: Please select a research topic.

a.) It can be a phrase or simply one word.

b.) Please phrase your topic in the form of a question.
What is the effect of alcoholism on college students?

Question 2: Please identify at least five different Key Words or Phrases that describe your topic
a.) alcoholism
b.) binge drinking
c.) sobriety
d.) drunk
e.) alcohol

Question 3: Please identify one encyclopedia article on your topic. The article may be broader than your topic. That is if your topic is "the effect of alcoholism on college students", you may identify an encyclopedia article on "alcoholism". Wikipedia is NOT an acceptable encyclopedia. Please name the encyclopedia, the title of the article, the volume number and page number. If you consult an online encyclopedia such as Britannica Online, please name the encyclopedia, the title of the article and the URL (its web address). Just copy and paste the web address into the space provided.

a.) Name of Encyclopedia.
Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia

b.) Name of the Article.

c.) Volume Number and Page Number of the Article (if appropriate).
c.) URL (Web Address) Just copy and paste from the address bar (if appropriate).

Question 4: Please Identify One book from the library's catalog that deals with your topic. The book may be broader than your topic. That is if your topic is "the effect of alcoholism on college students", you may identify a book on "alcoholism". Please list the title, author or editor, publisher and the year of publication for the book. Also, please list the collection, call number, and status of the book. All of the information may be found in the catalog record of the book.

a.) Title
Psychological theories of drinking and alcoholism

b.) Author or Editor
Kenneth E. Leonard, Howard T. Blane

c.) Publisher
Guilford Press

d.) Publication Year

e.) Collection
ECSU General Collection

f.) Call Number
HV5045 .P74 1999

g.) Status
Checked In

Question 5: Please Identify One Journal Article about your topic. Please use one of the Library's databases to locate the article. Please list the database you used to find the article, the title and author of the article, the journal in which the article was published, and the date that issue of the journal was published.

a.) Database used to find article.
Social Sciences Full Text

b.) Title of Article.
Using Wireless Handheld Computers and Tailored Text Messaging to Reduce Negative Consequences of Drinking Alcohol

c.) Author of Article.
Weitzel, Jessica Aungst; Bernhardt, Jay M.; Usdan, Stuart; Mays, Darren; Glanz, Karen

d.) Name of Journal.
Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs

e.) Date the issue of the journal was published.
July 2007