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Information Literacy & Distance Education

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The Information Literacy & Distance Education Department coordinates library services to those students and faculty unable to visit the library (or rarely able to visit the library). The Department also provides all students and faculty with instruction in the information resources the library provides and how to use them effectively.

If you have any questions please contact the Information Literacy & Distance Education Librarian, Dennis Brown (), at 252-335-3577.

Distance Education
Welcome Distance Learners!
If you can't visit the library or can only visit the library rarely, please click here.
Questions about off-campus access to online resources.

Information Literacy
For information on Information Resources and how to use them, please click here!

For Professors & Instructors
If you want to schedule a research session for your class, please click here!

Distance Education

Links to online resources provided by the Library!

Library Catalog
Library holdings and library account

Library Subject Guides
These are guides to the information resources for many different subjects.

Distance Education Book Request

Online Resources
Listing of databases, e-books, websites etc...

Interlibrary Loan
If you need a book or article that the Library doesn't have, the library will borrow it from another library for you. The Interlibrary Loan department has instituted service for distance education students

Information Literacy

An Information Literate student is one who can find and evaluate the information he needs.

For Students

Information Literacy Course
The following modules are a complete information literacy curriculum and part of the General Education Curriculum of the university. The links are to the instructional materials provided for each module.

Module One Instructional Materials

Module One Assignment

Seven Steps to Effective Library Research

The Quick Facts

Using the Library

Virtual Tour

For Professors and Instructors

You may request a Library instruction session for your class. The librarian assigned to your class will work with you to tailor an instruction session to the needs of your class. The instruction session may be held at the library or in your classroom.

Library Instruction Form

Use this form to request a Library Instruction Session for your class. Please allow two weeks to schedule the session. Sessions may be arranged for the Library or the Classroom.