Winter Homecoming brings prospective Vikings to campus

Winter Homecoming brings prospective Vikings to campus

by Kesha Williams

Open house 2016ECSU alumni say they were proud to return to campus January 30 with busloads of high school students for the Winter Homecoming and Open House events. Many alumni chapter presidents say those types of one-day commitments to serving the university are just as important as contributing money. In some cases, alumni chapters organize events in their communities and invite area high school students to hear presentations about ECSU. Other alumni make public presentations at local high schools.

During Winter Homecoming, the high school students and their parents explore the campus together. Captain Anthony Swain, president of the Washington, DC Metro Alumni Chapter, said this type of exchange between alumni and high school students is a winning strategy. It helps expose the high school students to a host of career opportunities. Best of all, these students can gather all the information they need to enroll as freshman at Elizabeth City State University.

“We (alumni) have lived and worked all over the world and we are showing high school students what’s in the realm of possibilities once they graduate with a B.S. degree,” Swain said.

“We are there to represent what higher education should be— an example of how people work smarter as professionals. We’re here to help the next group of kids realize they can have the same opportunities and more than we had. Little Liz (ECSU) gave us our start. We came there with a purpose and ECSU helped us develop.”

Edward Newson, president of the William T. Bowser Alumni Chapter, agreed the January 30 Winter Homecoming and Open House were successful events.

“Overall, the trip went well. ECSU students made a very positive impression on the attendees. It’s good to bring the students here when they can meet professors, ask questions about the academic programs and learn about other activities held on campus.”

Open House events are open to prospective freshmen, high school dual-enrollment students, transfer students, and military/veterans. Parents and guardians are invited to attend as well. The National Alumni Association members brought over 500 students to Saturday’s Open House session where approximately 700 people attended.